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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 23, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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time for what i need to know. tracy. >> a study showed that we spent $54 million to pay for first class tickets for u.n. employees. what? i don't fly first class. i don't. shut the u.n. down, stop funding it. we need more aptds in manhattan. >> we spend a lot of the u.n. budget from the u.s. taxpayer. wayne, what's your one more thing? >> well, i like aon. a long time holding, very good in a recovering economy, look at that. >> what do they do? >> they make air conditioning equipment and that's why -- and in a modular way so it can be expanded when you're in a commercial air conditioning you can add units to it along the way.
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>> what about ann? >> it's not one i'm looking at now. in fact, i'm looking at these banks and there is talk of them collapsing in cyprus. many are doing well like in japan. japan's banks collapsed but it was 20 years ago. nom nomoro is strong. this is one that i own and i think it should be in your portfolio. >> what about u.s. banks? do we kind of made them very whole over the last couple years. >> and they are strong, bank of america not too far off from its high. financials here or abroad, maybe cyprus but not here at home. >> we'll leave it there. and here is a story you need to know. a girl scout troop getting pranked, someone ordering 6,000 boxes of the cookies totaling 24 grand. it was a scam and the girls were left with unsold cookies. americans are coming to the rescue buying around 4,000 boxes
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last saturday and you can help them get the last laugh today so if you are in the portland area buy some cookies. the address on the screen. otherwise check out the website girl scoutsosw. that's it for us. we'll see you next week. senate leaders in washington patting themselves on the back for working all night and finally passing the first budget in four years. it's a $3.7 trillion blueprint from democrats, which calls for about $1 trillion in tax hikes. it does nothing to lower america's whopping $16 trillion debt and it now sets up contentious negotiations with a republican-controlled house.
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hello, everybody. i'm live in the nation's capital. america's news headquarters starts right now. folks, it was a senate all-nighter. finally in the early hours of the morning, the budget deal passed. not one republican voted for the plan and four red state democrats, who are up for re-election in 2014, also voted against it. we are joined now with the very latest on the last-minute scramble to get the deal done and where it goes from here. elizabeth? >> reporter: after 13 hours and 6 minutes, the senate narrowly approved the budget plan, passing 50-49. during the marathon session, senators were facing more than 500 amendment bus they voted on about 70. the vote-a-rama getting praise from the top members. >> i know everyone is exhausted. you may not feel at the moment. this is one of the finest days in the senate in recent years.
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>> reporter: the resolution raises nearly $1 trillion in new taxes. the government would still be in a deficit after ten years. senator patty murray argues the plan creates jobs and economic growth but, of course, during the process, patience did run thin. >> madam president, madam president, madam president. >> senate will come to order. >> madam president, the senate is not in order. i flow's a lot of march madness going on. we would like to keep it calm on the floor so that senators can be heard. >> reporter: the white house recently passed -- excuse me, the house recently passed the ryan budget plan which includes a $4.6 trillion deficit reduction over the next decade. these budget plans are resolutions are not bills. this week, congress did pass a continuing resolution bill which actually funds the government for the next six months. we did hear from white house press secretary jay carney, responding to today's news in a statement and reading, in part, "like the president's plan, the senate budget cuts wasteful spending, makes tough choices to strengthen entitlements and
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eliminates special tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthiest americans to reduce the deficit." the statement went on to say, "it's time for our leaders to come together to find common ground" and he will continue to work with both sides to see if there is an opportunity to reach a solution. back to you. >> thank you very much. this weekend marks the third anniversary of the signing of obama care and though many key parts of the health care law don't go into effect until next year, many americans are already feeling the impact of the changes to the nation's health care system. let's check in now with a checkup on obama care. >> reporter: dueling opinions in washington today on the impact of obama care and whether it's been a boon or a boondoggle to americans and american businesses. obama says it protects americans from insurance companies and says the slaw saving people money. the president said in a statement, millions of americans are saving $600 a year on
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prescription drugs. millions of young people have beenable to stay on their family's health plan to age 26. preventive care, like mammograms for women and wellness visits for seen, i don't covered free of charge. most importantly, for the sake of our fiscal future, the growth of health care costs is beginning to slow. but the democratic-controlled senate voted early this week to repeal part of obama care, passed with bipartisan support. they repealed a tax on medical devices that would have increased the costs we all pay for things like latex gloves to wheel chairs hip replacements. and there are still $1.3 trillion in other taxes that are set to hit over the next decade. house republican speaker john boehner also put out a statement today on medicare. on obama care, sorry. he said, "far from bending the cost curve, obama care's projected price tag has nearly doubled. health insurance premiums have spiked and are expected to climb even further when the law takes full effect next year. the millions of jobs democrats promised are nowhere to be found
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and businesses, large and small, are already pointing to the impact of obama care as the reason for planned layoffs and a reluctance to hire more staff." the republican-controlled house passed the budget this week that repeals and defunds obama care, but in the senate, a measure to repeal obama care was voted down. yuma? >> molly, thank you very much. overseas now, and growing concerns in syria after rulers this week of a possible chemical weapons attack in that country. this video was released by syrian government which claims it shows victims of a rebel chemical weapons attack that claim has not been independently verified at this time. but president obama has said that the use of chemical weapons would be "a game changer." so is it time for the u.s. to step in and use military force? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, democratic congressman adam schiff and republican congressman peter king. gentlemen, welcome. great to see you both today. >> good to see both of you.
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>> congressman king, let me begin with you. the president calls this a game changers, if confirmed that sir gentleman using chemical weapons right now. what does that specifically mean to you? >> well, first of all if they are using them, and it's being looked at very carefully, this is a game changer it does cross a red line and means action will have to be taken what that action is, something that has to be decided as we go forward. the fact is it would be a dramatic change, the president made it clear that chemical weapons cannot be used. analysis going on right now. if it does turn out the syrian government is using chemical weapons, all i can is that severe action will have to be taken and i don't think we should be saying publicly exactly what that's going to be or what it's going to accomplish bus but it has to be serious and severe action. >> congressman schiff, at this point what information do you have about the chemical weapons threat? >> we certainly have the same concern and this needs to be fully investigate ready, we have to be mindful, of course, of the fact that we have gotten this wrong in terms of wmd.
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our intelligence suspect perfect. but it is a red line and if it is crossed, it will have the most serious repercussions. as peter mentioned, this will depend on the circumstances. if assad is using his air assets to drop nerve agents, i think the international community will respond by taking out his air assets. if he is using missiles, they may respond by taking out his missile capability or command and control he needs to know there will be the most severe repercussions and is a step he just cannot take. >> congressman king, do you think americans are ready to see the united states step up and use military intervention as a means of stopping any potential chemical attack? congressman king? >> oh, i'm sorry. i thought that was for adam. again, let me emphasize, this will be bipartisan. you heard adam say typifies both parties. we believe strong action would have to be taken. i think if the president explained to the american people and if the -- both parties stood
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together and we detailed that there was going to be a limited strike, it was going to be focused, then i think, you know, the american people would -- you know, they would be reluctant, after iraq and afghanistan, americans are war weary, no doubt about that. but on the other hand, the threat of chemical weapons spreading will be used is just something that we can't allow to happen. this isn't just about syria, it would spread throughout the middle east and does involve our national interest very clearly but would involve the president really making that case to the american people and it would call upon the leaders of both parties to stand with the president. >> congressman schiff, do you agree with that? >> well, i think absent the use of chemical weapons, we should be very reluctant to involve ourselves militarily. we have led the efforts to sanction the regime. we have led the efforts to organize the opposition regime. we have provided the most humanitarian support. but should we get militarily involved, then we have ownership of this war, regrettably, this has now become a largely
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sectarian civil war and i'm not sure that we are prepared to own a civil war, sectarian civil war. so we need to be very careful. but the loss of life is just devastating, extraordinary. we ought to be doing everything we can and i think there are steps that we can take that the united states is in a unique position to help the opposition. we are taking some of those steps. >> what kind of steps are you talking about, specifically? >> well, we can provide some of the lodge gist cal and intelligence and military support, short of providing weapons that may end up in other hands or come back to haunt us there are a lot of weapons flowing n we have a responsibility to make sure those weapons go to the right people. we can supply them in unique ways others cannot. but i would resist strongly efforts some european nations are encouraging in terms of supporting the provision of surface-to-air missiles which may be used later to bring down civilian aircraft. i think we should be wary of providing any kind of new missions that can get into the
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wrong hands and later be used against us. >> given the fact that congressman schiff has pointed out that we would own this, congressman king, do you agree with that, that we would have to take a leadership role on this and go the distance? >> well, again, i was -- answer to your question, i was talking about if syria is using chemical weapons. i agree with adam. i'm reluctant for us to get involved, absent the use of chemical weapons, because i'm not certain exactly who the opposition is, what's going to happen. as adam said, we can provide intelligence, provide logistical support for those elements within the opposition that we feel are compatible with our values that we can trust that are not allied of al qaeda. but we have to be very careful about getting overtly involved and also again, i would limit any military involvement by the u.s. to a very limited role in the event that chemical weapons are being used but as far as getting on the ground, as far as allying ourselves openly with any of the rebel forces,
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that's -- i'm leery about that right now. but having said that, we can provide intelligence and logistical support to those elements that we can trust. we have to be very carefuls as to how we vet them. >> indeed. we are walking a very fine line on this one. certainly, watching this very closely over the next few days and months and gentlemen, i really do appreciate you coming today and sharing your insights with us. thank you. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> thanks, adam. >> thanks. now an update on a story we have been following closely at fox knew the flight of an american passenger sentenced to eight years behind bars in one of iran's most notorious prisons is getting some attention from the state department. secretary of state john kerry has now issued his first statement about pastor sayid abedinny. kerry said, "he is deeply concerned about be a deepny's fate and calls for him to be immediately released." kerry's statement comes after abedinny's wife receive adler from her husband saying he was
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wasn't and refused treatment. he writes,s "i did not recognize myself. my hair was shaven, under my eyes were swollen three time what is they should have been. my face was so we. last weeken -- face was swollen." last week, i talked to his wife about him. >> they are grieving that loss, they are very clingy to me. many times, i'm mess, too crying and praying for a quick return for him. >> on our air last week here and iran is accusing you abedini of being a spy. he said he is jailed because of his christian faith. well, newly elected pope francis meeting with his predecessor this afternoon for the first time as a pontiff. this is the first time such a meeting between the past and current popes has been possible for more than 600 years.
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pope francis flew by helicopter to castel gandolfo to meet with the pope emmerit benedict for a private lunch. the two popes embraced on the helipad and spent the day together, calling one another brothers. benedict has live ted cake lake side castle south of roam since last month after becoming the first pope in six centuries to resign. back in this country, a weather alert, folks. lots of bad weather headed our way. a storm that brought snow to colorado setting its sights on the midwest. parts of the south could be dealing with severe storms and the east coast, not in the clear either. meteorologist janice dean is joining us from the fox weather center with the very latest on this extended cold weather spell we are all having to deal with up here.
9:16 am
janice? >> hi, yuma. the calendar says spring, i don't think mother nature is paying close attention. the forecasters in d.c., philadelphia, new york, you are going to start some action, because we could be dealing with this winter storm sunday, monday, tuesday, which could, indeed, cripple traffic across the northeast corridor. so a lot to this storm system. look at it. several inches, sticks to seven inches in and around the denver area, moving into kansas, also nebraska where we have interstates shutdown this is how impressive this winter storm is getting its act together. and then we have the potential for severe weather, hail you dama -- hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. multifaceted winter storm here across the plain states from colorado through kansas up toward nebraska. that's eventually going to push into the midwest, parts of the ohio valley and then into the northeast. the severe part of this storm across the south, where the weather is warm, it's almost summer-like with the temperatures in the 80s. north of that, that's what we
9:17 am
are dealing with the winter storm n pink, the warningses, anywhere from five to six, even eight inches of snow. kansas city, could you see six to ten inches. moving into st. louis, we have winter weather advisories, those are going to change with the next six to 12 hours. we will see winter storm warnings in all the areas shaded in blue and you that will extend to the mid-atlantic and the northeast the nix 12 to 24 hours. severe threat, probably going to see severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches the next few hours, across this area. widespread area we could see the hail and winds and the tornadoes, unfortunately, dallas, through jackson, atlanta, georgia, jacksonville, up toward charleston, you need to be on alert and listening to your local fox stations, okay? let's take a look at the satellite radar image right next 12 to 24 hours. still going to see this winter storm really crank up across the plains and the midwest where it's warm. we are going to see those storms fire and in some cases, we could reach severe limits, including
9:18 am
tornadoes. again, as we head into saturday, sunday and monday, we are going to see a low-pressure system off the coast affecting all of the big cities along the i-95 corridor. this is one of our computer models that we are watching. this could be a little aggressive in snow totals, i just want to make you aware, we could be dealing with six to 12 inches of heavy, wet snow across midwest and uma, take a look at the mid-atlantic, look at d.c., look at philly, look at new york. monday into tuesday, this could be a complete mess all along the i-95 corridor when people are trying to travel on monday into tuesday. of course, we will keep you posted. this is going to be a big weather story throughout the weekend here in the fox news extreme weather center. >> this is so painful, i have to say. this is something that we just never expected. you know how they -- you heard about the news about -- being indicted, right? because people are angry. we thought early spring and look at this. that says otherwise.
9:19 am
>> sure does. great to see you. appreciate it. using amazing technology to give a gift of sight. later in our show, we will talk about the doctor behind a major medical break through, the world's only bionic eye. plus, the senate may have finally passed a budget but not one republican voted for t up next, one key republican senator, a doctor, testimonies -- tells me why he has big issues with it. >> it never balances, not this year, not in five years, not in ten years, never. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the firsweek... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostilityagitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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welcome back. at this hour, president obama is headed took washington after his high-profile trip to the middle east. mr. obama closing out his four-day visit with a trip to pet tracks an ancient desert city in jordan but he spent the bulk of his time in israel with a quick stop in the west bank. the white house set low expectations for this trip, billing it as a mission to reassure the region's political leaders and people, particularly israel, that he is committed to their security. joining us now to talk about whether he succeeded or not, former israeli ambassador to the united nations, dan gillman. i want to let folks know, our audience know, we are
9:24 am
experiencing a bit of a delay in the transmission back and forth to israel. we apologize for that. mr. ambassador, great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you, uma. >> let me begin by saying that many israelis have been very skeptical about president obama's security interests in israel and up to now, a frosty relationship with benjamin netanyau. why should mr. netanyahu trust president obama now? >> you're right, uma, there was a lot of skepticism and even suspicious about president obama's relationship with israel and with the israeli prime minister. we have had four very tense years. but i know in america, you say that there is no second chance to make a first impression. well, the president got that second chance and i think he
9:25 am
took it i think his visit to israel, as far as the feeling and the respect and the emotion of the israeli people was a great success. it was a very impressive charm offensive. he reached out to the people. he touched every nerve and every fiber of israeli society with his words. and i must say that when air force one took off, it carried with it a totally different president, as far as at least the emotions, the expectations i and trust of the israeli people is concerned. >> then you're saying that this trip obviously had a big impact at a time when we know that this white house, for example, asked israel to go back to the borders, when it went to cairo first to speak to the muslim community out there and many jewish leaders were concerned that mr. obama was basically putting israel on the back burner. but you're saying now that you
9:26 am
think things have really changed? >> it is very true and you mentioned manies a aspects of it during his first term, the president did make many mistakes articles his approach and relationship with israel is concerned. the demand of a total freeze of settlements, a demand for a return to the '67 bored percent and creating that space between israel and the united states, which actually enabled many of our enemies to infiltrate, manipulate and behave in ways which they wouldn't if they felt that bond was still very strong. i think the president realized, while there are enormous issues on the table, iran issue, syrian issue, israeli/palestinian conflict, the main issues, as far as israelis are concerned, with the relationship between israel and the united states.
9:27 am
we have always valued this as one of our greatest strategic alliance and i think the president felt that by coming to israel, he could try and reassure the israeli people about how he really feels about israel and about the fact that he is in full support of israel in every respect. and i think at least the feeling during the visit, the words he said, the gestures he made, the statements he pronounced, were such that they, i think, assuaged the fears of the people. the relationship between the president and prime minister has been a very tense one. oscar wilde once said that history is like a woman t gives the man one chance. if he misses it he will never get another one. well, those two leaders got a second chance and at least by the look of things, they took it and made this visit a great success. now, the real issues are still
9:28 am
on the table and secretary kerry is coming back here tonight and you have to deal with iran issue, with the threat from tehran of a nuclear tehran with a syrian civil war, with the israeli/palestinian conflict and that's when we will know whether this was just a charm offensive or the real thing and whether this relationship is really strong enough to face those challenges and whether those two leaders, who were just relike theed for -- re-elected for four years, put their differences aside and work together. >> mr. ambassador, we thank you so much for joining us with your insights. we look forward to what lies ahead in the events these two leaders will be dealing with. thank you for joining us today. one of the president's goals on this trip was to talk directly to the israeli people,as we just mentioned, knowing that folks in that country remain skeptical about his commitment to the israel. one israeli poll gives the president just a 10% approval rating. so, we wanted to hear from you. do you think he succeeded in his
9:29 am
quest to "win the hearts and minds of israelis or not"? tweet your answers to us at nhqdc. i plan to read some of your responses later in this hour. well, the northeast has seen its share of devastating storms over the past year around with cleanup costs into the billions now, one electric company is taking action to try to combat the damage another storm might bring but the plan is not being well received by everyone. we are joined now with more on that story. doug? >> reporter: uma, hello. this is a question that a lot of utility companies around the country are now facing, how far do you go and more importantly, how much do you spend to prevent widespread power outages in the wake of a truly large storm? utilities used to simply clean up the damage and pass that cost along to ratepayers, but superstorm sandy changed all of that with extensive power outages. some 7 million people were without power in some cases, for weeks. now, one of the major power supplies in new jersey, psg
9:30 am
people. is planning to spend $4 billion over ten years to upgrade its system that includes rebuilding many of those substations that were damaged in the storm. >> just look at superstorm sandy. we estimate that about you know, half of the customers would not have been impacted if these stations were higher, if the controls were higher so we would have obviously provided better service and that would have been better for the customers. >> reporter: better for u ser advice but utility bills are another matter. new jersey utility bills are already among the high nets nation and expected to fall in the next decade in part, because the price of natural gas is falling f this new plan is approved by regulators, rate payers won't see the big kind of reductions in their powell bills that they were expecting. >> saying that our bills are going to stay the same, it's not really fair because really, our bills should be going down. and what they are doing is taking up -- it's close to 9%, taking that close to 9% reduction and they are filling it up with these costs that they want to spend. >> reporter: look, this is really a question of risk.
9:31 am
do you spend , in this instance $4 billion from this rare kind of storm or shoulder the risk and hope you come out amade? that is the calculus that a number of power companies and communities are grappling with. uma? >> thank you very much. an unbelievable rescue to bring you news about caught on tape. it took a helicopter an hour but find out how this man was finally pulled to safety. plus, the budget battle on the hill brings up old arguments over health care. we are going to talk to republican senator and dr. john bar ras orasso what he thinks s be done with obama care. >> we are trying to take apart piece by piece this terrible health care law, which suspect what people wanted in the first place. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard,
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welcome back. here is a quick look at the stories making news now. after pulling an all-nighter, the democratically led senate passed the first budget in four years that calls for almost $1 trillion in tax hikes the past decade. the house passed its own budget earlier this week and now both sides are to reconcile. north dakota state lawmakers inched closer toward been a banning abortion in their state. among resolutions a fertilized egg has the same rights as a person. it is one of several anti-abortion measures passed in the legislature. and mother nature putting on quite a show in the skies last night along the east coast. take a look at this video of what experts believe is a meteor streaking across the sky. people from florida to new england report spotting it. the bright streak certainly lit up twitter accounts and other social media sites. and that is a quick look at
9:37 am
stories making news right now. quite a display up in the skies there. all right. now the white house is praising the $3.7 trillion budget deal that democrats squeezed through the senate in the wee hours of the morning. all republican senators voted against the measure, including senator john barrasso of wyoming. i talked with him just hours before that vote. >> the big problem with this democrat budget is that it increases taxes about $1 trillion. that's in spite -- in addition to the $1 trillion that we have seen of increased taxes from the president's health care law. it grows government, additional spending and republicans, of course, we are trying to grow the economy, not grow the government. the other thing -- problem with this democrat budget is it never balances, not this year, not in five year, not in ten years. never. and american families understand the importance of a balanced budget. >> i know that both sides at this point are saying that these budgets, the republican budge
9:38 am
pet th -- budget is not viable at this point. why where do we find room for compromise at this point? the american people are frustrate we had don't seem to be seeing real movement. >> you can't spend money you don't have, but that's what the government continues to do, to the point we have a debt of $16 trillion. it's irresponsible. and people don't believe they are getting value for their taxpayer dollars when they send money to washington. they think just about over half of it is not being used well and is being wasted. >> tell me more about the effort that you are putting forthright n -- forth right now because you're concerned about the obama care's massive hit, you are calling it tax before it actually puts more americans out of work that's what you're alleging. >> well, they are -- one of the good news -- pieces of this budget is we passed an amend
9:39 am
tomorrow repeal part of the obama health care law, which has to do with the taxes on medical device. and actually, over 30 democrats voted along with all of the republicans to repeal this tax which costs jobs and hurts the economy. the health insurance tax just drives up the cost of insurance for american families. the president promised if you like what you had, you could keep it in terms of your health care around his plan would actually lower preem ups for families. we have seen a lot of people aren't able to keep what they have if they like it and find they are paying lot more than they were paying before the law came into place. this weekend is the three-year anniversary of the president signing the health care law and people know that it's bad for them as parents, bad for the nurses and cars that take career of them and bad for taxpayers.
9:40 am
>> step back for a moment, talk about the fact that the president did wage a charm offensive with the members on the hill. do you have faith that he is serious about getting something done between both republicans and democrats? >> i think it is important to try to get something done in a responsible way to give people assurance and comfort in terms of medicare in terms of social security. i mean, the times of divided government are the times you can accomplish the big things. we should be working on finding a way to make sure the next 75 years, medicare and social security are secure so that people who are currently on those program and then the next generations to come, don't have to worry in their retirement ables about their social security and their health care. >> on the issue, though, of obama care, there are many conservatives who are very upset by the fact that they believe the leadership is caving at this point and not going to really put real opposition against some
9:41 am
of the tenets of obama care. >> that is not what people have got and that's why in addition to proposing an amendment as part of the budget to take down the entire health care law, repeal the whole health care law, that amendment failed. now we are going piece by piece of it. so many democrats now, since the president has been reelected, are starting to speak up in areas of the health care law that they realize is bad for people all across this country. we are going to continue in this fight, u ma. >> senator, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. always great to see you. >> thank you, u ma. appreciate it. all right. we have got new details in a bizarre colorado murder case making news. police believe a shootout in texas may be connected to the assassination of the head of colorado's prison system. plus, one man got a bit more
9:42 am
than he bargained for on his honeymoon. we will take a look at his close encounter, coming up. ÷÷ [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's
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tragic tales from an eyewitness after trying to rescue a family that was crushed under a sign at a birmingham, alabama, airport. 10-year-old luke was killed. his mother and two other children are now in the hospital. firefighters estimate the arrival -- sl shall -- arrival/departure sign that fell on them weighed 3 to 400 pounds. authorities represented sure why that big sign fell. a parolee killed in a wild
9:47 am
shootout killed on thursday linked to the assassination of the head of colorado's prison system? they have found the strongest sign yet there could be a connection. we are joined from l.a. with the ins and outs of this baffling case. dominic? >> reporter: it is baffling. law enforcement in both texas and colorado trying to put this together piece by piece. shell casings from the shooter match the same make and caliber of those found at the home of colorado prison director, tom clemens. authorities say he was ait is assassinated on tuesday. the car he was driving during the flee in texas held the car that is up with the used in the shoot shooting in colorado. the texas sheriff wants stronger evidence than that. >> until we do trace evidence, until we look at biological evidence, dna, it won't be
9:48 am
decided. >> reporter: authorities found a domino's pizza deliver box in the trunk. a pizza man was killed on sunday. he had a long criminal record and officials say he was a member of a wipe supremacist prison gang, the 211s, which led them to suspect the killing of tom clemens may have been a revenge attack by the gang. >> thank you very much. very bizarre story indeed. next up, it used to be the stuff of '70s tv hit shows and science fiction. we are talking about the bionic eye. but what was once fiction is now fact. we are going to talk to the doctor giving sight to the blind with his unbelievable cutting-edge technology. we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan! i really like your new jetta! and you want to buy one like mine
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you may recalled '70s
9:53 am
television series "the six million dollar man", with lee majors, billed the first bionic action hero. second sight is a company that has built the argus two retinal prosthesis, offers hope for blind people to actually see and experience the world the cutting edge of the amazing discovery. joining us now, dr. robert greenberg, the president of second sight. welcome. great to have you here today. >> pressure to be here. thank you, uma. >> talk about this groundbreaking technology that we are talking about now. tell us,is making a difference in the lives of those who have been blind for so many years. >> well, uma, this is a device that restores vision to patients who have been blinded from retin night 'tis pigmentosa, the patients are able to find a crosswalk again, the best patients are able to read with the it device and without the
9:54 am
device, they are completely blind. >> is called argus two. tell us how this particular technology is, by far and away, some of the most important work that we are seeing out there. tell us,is taking us into realms we never thought before. >> you mentioned "the six million dollar man" was an influence for a loft us and restoring vision to the blind was something we only thought of as science fiction but something with modern electronic and implants and glasses we are able to do now. >> what session siting about this for you personally? you have invested so much time, money and effort into this project. what do you come away with when you see people having the ability to use this bionic eye and actually experience the world in ways they never would have imagined?
9:55 am
>> haven't seen a patient you haven't seen in ten years, hasn't seen their loved ones, hasn't been able to see television or fireworks, come from the darkness and back into the light, it is an amazing experience for both the patients and the doctors. >> i understand some of the research i read that 75% of blind patients who were given these bionic eyes were able to correctly identify single letters and one half were able to read four-letter words? >> we published that in the british journal of opthamology, gone beyond our expectation. we had hoped to provide just mobility and most of the subjects who have got the argus two retinal implant can be mobile with the device. but, in fact, as you said, many of the folks can actually read letters and even words and sentences. >> well, doctor, it's really terrific and we certainly amr. applaud you for the work you've about doing and giving new hope to people who perhaps at one point in their lives thought they would never be able to see
9:56 am
again. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. it's been a pleasure to be here. all right. moving along now, swimming with the fishes? a man takes a dive in a shark cage and gets a much closer look at great white than he ever intended. that's coming your way next. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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>> we're back and take a look at this. a missing hiker in arizona gets a l